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The Cyclical City

January 10, 2019/India/0 Comments

The Cyclical City Andrea Gilbert Few cities of the world could capture the imagination, the…

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The Beauty of Bangladesh

December 13, 2018/Bangladesh/0 Comments

Bangladesh could be described as Asia's last frontier of adventure. Here one must be traveler…

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The Bats of Battambang

February 14, 2018/Cambodia/0 Comments

Every night at twilight, in a cave just outside the city, the bats start to…

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The Beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay

February 7, 2018/Vietnam/0 Comments

Three hours north of Hanoi, northeast from renowned Ha Long Bay, lies Bai Tu Long…

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The Plain of Jars

February 4, 2018/Laos/1 Comment

On the Xiangkhoang Plateau in the central region of Laos lies the Plain of Jars.…

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The Lotus Weavers

January 18, 2018/Myanmar/0 Comments

On Inle Lake, Myanmar, women pick the stems of the lotus flower to weave into…

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The Bells on Mt. Popa

January 17, 2018/Myanmar/0 Comments

The bells on Mt. Popa ring with the wind in honour of the 37 Nats,…

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The Sunset at U Bein Bridge

January 17, 2018/Myanmar/0 Comments

As the sun sets it brings out the brilliance of the wet planes of Amarapura.…

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The Divine Ancestor Smoke

January 4, 2018/Taiwan/1 Comment

In worship of Qingshui, “The Divine Ancestor”, the Qingshui Zushi Temple in Sanxia lies in…

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