Creative Media Production & Communications
Who I am

Mandala Media is the creative umbrella for work and art produced by Andrea Gilbert. Andrea is a Producer, Videographer, Writer and Editor located in Victoria, BC, and pursues projects and partnerships that utilize her love of multimedia and storytelling.  

What I do

Video Production | Writing | Photography | Graphic Design

Media Development | Professional Communications 

Where I work

Andrea has been working both locally and internationally for almost ten years. She has traveled to over 40 countries and produced projects in Peru, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cuba and Cambodia, as well as throughout Canada. Andrea loves to travel and is open to working almost anywhere in the world, though she will always come home to Victoria, BC.

Why I create

Andrea started her career in broadcasting, working for SHAW and CTV in addition to producing a wide range of independent and promotional content. A visual storyteller with a passion for utilizing multimedia to make a difference, Andrea has also applied her skills to work in the nonprofit sector, producing content for organizations such as Mercy Ships Canada and the Passion to Lead Foundation. She now works with a wide range of businesses, organizations and independent projects. Andrea creates projects and relationships that tell engaging stories and support meaningful missions, creating with purpose and passion.